The Only Dye Proto Rail Maxxed Review You Need To Read

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Dye Proto Rail Maxxxed

Dye Proto Rail Maxxxed

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            • Incredibly durable
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            Ok guys, we’re going to cut straight to the chase here – the Dye Proto Rail MAXXED review featured here tells a plain story. It is one of the best in the paintball industry. With numerous five-star customer reviews and thousands of Dye Proto Rails having been sold, this is one of the most popular guns made ever. That needs to be said straight off the bat.

            What customers like about it is simple – the quietness and the gun’s super accurate shooting capabilities. This means that when you are about to shoot your opponent, it masks that pop sound when the paint ball is released from the barrel. This makes it more difficult for other opponents to spot you or locate your position once you have achieved your goal. STEALTHY.

            Paintball enthusiasts will also be happy with the trigger capabilities of the gun which is smooth and easy to use. This means that you can have the best accurate shot that you have had in quite a while with a marker that was born to shoot as cleanly and as accurately as possible. It’s a smooth lady, for sure.

            In this article, we are going to go through some of the aspects of the Dye Proto Rail MAXXED gun. We will go over the amenities, the technical aspects of it, and then pros and cons of using such an advanced gun.

            Dye proto rail maxxed


            Dye proto rail maxxedThere are some cool features on this machine that we are just dying to tell you about. All of these features can make you a better shooter, after all and that’s the goal right?

            Often when we talk about what makes a good shooter, it has as much to do with human action as to do with the type of equipment that you use. The better the equipment that you use, the better your shooting will be.

            Firstly, there is the hyper-regulated design. The hyper inline regulator helps with the increments of air pressure and adjustment. Basically, what this means is that the regulator is smaller and sleeker to provide those increments.

            Secondly, there is the multiple critical system where all the internal systems of the paintball gun are located. There is the Anti-Chop system which allows the eyes to measure the drop of the ball. Also there is the eye pipe system which eliminates problems with feeding the ball.

            Lastly, there is the Color-Coded O-Rings. This allows you better, precise aiming of the marker in the right direction. That way you are more likely hit your prey when you aim your machine at them.

            Technical Review of the Dye Proto Rail MAXXED

            • Shooting Quality

            The shooting quality of this gun is superb (you’ll spot a few proto rail maxxed models in this bizarre paintball themed music video)

            This is thanks to the hyper-regulated design, which has been redesigned to allow better increments of air pressure and adjustment.

            The main thing that makes the shooting quality great is the new shim stack which is more responsive and will react quicker to the air pressure changes to allow a quicker release. Also with the contact pad on the regulator, this allows maximum stability and comfort when you are shooting your opponents.

            • Ergonomics

            It has a fused bolt system which is great for improving shooting accuracy, along with the hyper-regulated design.

            What makes this fused bolt system great for shooting accuracy is that it operates at a low pressure of 140psi. What this means is that the gun does not recoil violently, a smooth both cycle and consistent accuracy.

            The other aspect that gives this marker great ergonomics is that the frame has an adjustable trigger. This means that you can adjust the speed of the paintball when it is released. This gives you the ability to shoot your targets while they are running at variable speeds, which is altogether pretty SA-WEET.

            • Maintenance

            This gun is incredible when it comes to the maintenance you’ll have to inevitably do. One of the reasons why the parts last for years is because the parts have been designed to be durable using an aluminum design.

            As well as the construction, there is the marker which is easy to clean once you have finished using it. Therefore, this makes the Proto Rail MAXXED very maintainable and you will not be expected to buy any new spare parts, apart from the paintballs, for a very long time.

            • Value

            Dye proto rail maxxedCompared to other guns, these babies are relatively cheap for such a good construction. It costs around $324.95, depending on where you buy them. This price was quoted from and it is definitely up there with the premium types of guns found there.

            However, consider this. You are paying for something that will be used for a number of years. If you buy a cheaper model, you will have to buy lots of the parts again because the parts are cheap. With this, you are paying for the best quality of a paintball gun available on the market, so the overall costs over time will be cheaper than the rest – we’re pretty confident in saying that.

            Pros and cons


            – Has a great hyper-regulator system to assist with speed and accuracy of the paintballs going out of the barrel.

            – Great ergonomics.

            – Maintenance is easy to do because of the easy to clean marker and because the gun has been designed specifically for durability.

            – Suitable for all beginners and professionals.

            – The fused bolt system allows greater accuracy because it operates at such a low pressure. This allows for minimum recoil, consistent accuracy and a smooth both cycle.

            – Contact pad on the regulator allows stability and comfort so that you can shoot properly without feeling uncomfortable.


            – Price. This is one of the most expensive paintball guns that you can buy online. However, considering the durability, it is expected to last for a number of years.

            That means that you do not have to go and replace the parts for a long time. Which makes this negative only for people who do not have the money to pay for it.

            Overall Verdict

            Dye proto rail maxxedThis is a market that will fancy those who want durability, ease of use and want comfort and stability from a premium product.

            Let’s be frank here – not everyone is going to need a paintball marker that lasts for years and years. Some people can get by very easily with one of those rentals.

            Sure, it can misfire and do double feeding of the paintballs, but you’ll get by. Others can buy one of those cheap paintball guns on the internet which can break very easily and you could be spending hundreds of dollars over the next couple of years to replace those parts.

            However, if you buy this model, you will not have to deal with these problems. All of the problems will have been solved with this new design which is well renowned for its durability and the shooting accuracy.

            Plus, if you use this model for a period of a few years, you are guaranteed to have low maintenance for as long as you want, basically.

            So if you want a premium paintball gun that is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST in the industry, then get this beautiful, beautiful weapon.

            Hope you enjoyed this dye proto rail maxxed review, Happy huntin’ 😉