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            Last updated: 2nd January 2018

            Our Dye Proto Rail review goes into the nitty gritty of this marker. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular guns in the market right now. The Dye Proto Rail is the ideal marker for both the newbies and mid-level paintball players. The marker has a trendy look that features the amazing aesthetics and design that reveal its sharp lines and curves. This baby looks SA-WEET!!!

            The paintball gun was officially introduced in the year 2011, and the California-based company specializes in the production of paintball equipment. Since the introduction of the Dye Proto Rail, it has grown in popularity due to its high aesthetics and affordability.

            The distinctive features has set it apart from other potential competitors. The gun is built using durable materials guaranteeing the user of durability and excellent performance.

            Some of the features that make this marker to stand out include the durable aluminum body, a trigger, and the fuse bolt. The trigger is designed to provide excellent performance.

            Other important features include the slick dye lube, a parts kit, and the barrel sock. The sharp lines and the forward curves make the Dye Proto Rail one of the most beautiful and appealing guns in the market. It also comes with different colors including blue, clear, red, orange, lime, and purple among others.


            Dye Proto Rail Review – Features

            • The compact aluminum body

            The entire body of the gun is built from high-grade aluminum metal. The material has a resistance to corrosion – badass. The strength of the aluminum metal makes it durable. The player is assured of the durability of the gun. Dye Precision understands the fact that paintball is a ‘rough and ready’ sport, so the gun is built to exceed the player’s expectations. The gun features an ergonomic frame that makes it lightweight for easy carrying in the field.

            • The O-rings

            The O-rings come with color codes for easy maintenance and replacement. You certainly don’t need to be an expert to perform the replacement since the transparent colors guide the player through the whole process. It’s actually refreshingly easy.

            • Operational modes and auto-fire

            The Dye Proto Rail is featured with various operational modes and auto-fire increasing its versatility. It’s designed with four differentiated shooting modes to suit the different needs of your scenario. The auto-fire feature enhances the performance of the Dye Proto Rail.

            • The Hyper-3-inline Regulator

            The hyper regulator is designed to boost the performance of the gun. The hyper regulator stimulates the reaction to enhance a faster shooting and at the same time, reduce the impact resulting from the shot.

            • The Dye-Eye Piping

            The Dye-Eye Piping keeps the marker free from accumulating dirt and debris in the field. The feature maintains the great aesthetic appearance of the marker keeping it always clean. The function is capable of maintaining the ‘new’ look for many years. It also features a feed neck that facilitates the cleaning process.

            • The multiple critical systems

            The internal design has various systems that work together to ensure a high performance. An example of this is the polycarbonate pipe shield that functions to clean the anti-chop eye system.

            The process ensures that the eyes are always focused on the ball drop and breech. The Proto Rail also has an eye pipe system whose primary role is to get rid of double feeding and missed feeds.

            Shooting quality/maintenance/value/ergonomics of the Dye Proto Rail

            paintball gameThe features of this wonderful beast give it an excellent performance and a recommendable shooting quality. Firstly, the Hyper-3-Regulator means that it is a bloody good shot. No really, it’s REALLY good.  What it does is provide the gun with an adequate air efficiency that operates at 155 psi.

            The Dye Proto Rail is capable of shooting up to 18 balls per second with a reliable accuracy. Players love this gun because of the sufficient space to finger spray.

            The gun comes with a complete manual, Allen-wrenches, a barrel bag, and lube amongst other things. A standard Dye Proto Rail is capable of shooting a total of 500,000 shots. The gun’s nine-voltage battery is capable of powering an additional 40,000 shots. Maintenance essentially involves regular cleaning and tuning the marker to make it last. Oh, and it also comes with color coded O-rings that guide the user on how to perform the maintenance procedures.

            dye_proto_rail_1The Proto Rail highly valued because of its excellent performance despite its affordability. The outstanding design and the near-perfect qualities are worth every penny spent on purchasing it.

            The lightweight nature of the Dye Proto Rail makes it user-friendly to beginners and intermediate paintball enthusiasts. The lightweight makes the gun easy to handle and operate whilst in the field pouncing on your next prey.

            The advance technology used in the weapon boosts its efficiency and effectiveness in the field. The player won’t have to carry large tanks to the field since the gun operates at 155 psi.

            Pros of the Dye Proto Rail

            1. Durability

            The solid aluminum used to build the body of the paintball gun makes it durable and resistant to destructive forces such as corrosion. The ultra-light composite frame boosts the durability by a good deal.

            1. Lightweight

            The marker weighs only two pounds, making it one of the lightest guns on the market.

            1. High performance

            The paintball gun has features that are designed to boost its performance. The hyper-3-Regulator gives it an excellent performance compared to other markers. It’s also pretty decent regarding air efficiency as it operates at 155 psi.

            1. Easy maintenance

            The user will not be required to replace any component of the paintball marker for one year. All parts are durable and compact. It’s is also easy to clean making its maintenance an easy task. The nine-voltage battery provides you with an extra 40,000 shots.

            1. Price

            Overall, the price is very affordable. Based on its high-quality features, one would expect to buy this at a high price. The Dye Proto Rail suits average players and those surviving on tight budgets


            • It does have some features that require improvement. They include the air usage and the feed neck design.


            All paintball beginners and enthusiasts will find the Dye Proto Rail incredibly exciting, versatile and reliable. It comes with an outstanding quality at a throwaway price, it’s made to be easy to maneuver and operate due to it’s lightweight body, and the high durability guarantees players of its excellent services for many years.

            Hope you enjoyed our official Dye Proto Rail review. Happy huntin’!