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GoG eNVy

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            • Economical, durable and reliable
            • Shoots smoothly with minimal recoil
            • It doesn’t chop balls and is very quiet


            • won’t run well on low-end or off brand batteries

            Last updated: 2nd January 2018

            The GoG eNVy Paintball Gun was initially introduced into the market under the name of “Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Marker”. It’s an affordable electro pneumatic marker recommended for novice players, field rental players and intermediates or advanced players due to the many upgrades/add-ons available.

            But wait… Is it just for absolute beginners?

            GoG eNVy Features
            Economical, Durable, Reliable
            Can hold it's own against more expensive markers
            Shoots smoothly with minimal recoil
            It doesn’t chop balls and is very quiet
            It won’t run well on low-end or off brand batteries

            Though it was originally designed for entry level and field rental players and is relatively smaller in size than many other markers, it comes with the latest technology so it won’t let you down when you come against players with bigger, more expensive guns in combat. It’s largely rated as a high precision marker.

            Our GoG eNVy Review – Features

            GoG eNVy Review

            • Smooth and easy low pressure anti-chop operation to prevent paintballs from splattering when transferred into the vertical feed breech.
            • It has a light micro switch and 2 point adjustable stock double trigger. This allows players use two fingers together for extra firing control and increased speed. You can adjust the length and feel of the trigger pull. The standard board in this paintball gun has a number of adjustable firing modes which are: PSP, full-auto mode, semi-auto mode and the 3-shot burst mode and BillyBall.
            • Out of the box, this GoG paintball gun comes ready to shoot up to 11 balls per second. The Board can be easily upgraded by installing a Quick Exhaust Valve (QEV) which would effectively boost shooting to 25 balls per second.

            Other Features

            • Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design.
            • Vertical Feed Breech & Clamping Feedneck.
            • It has a regular Smart Parts barrel thread and 10” ported .693 barrel.
            • Max-Flo Vertical Regulator and Seal-Forward technology add to the marker’s efficiency by allowing the user adjust the pressure easily as desired. This will also give consistent and reliable readings on the chronograph.
            • This marker is guaranteed to give more shots per full tank than most other markers in the beginner level and the same price range.
            • A powerful 9-Volt battery keeps it running and just one fully charged battery can give up to 20,000 shots.
            • The Envy is compatible with either HPA or CO2 and will perform for any level paintball player.
            • The Bolt Out Back design makes it one of the easiest markers to take apart in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

            Yeah, that’s all good technical mumbo-jumbo. How does the thing SHOOT!

            Shooting Ability

            paintball manAs mentioned earlier, the GOG eNVy fires shots at the rate of 11+ bps. Actually, it could well achieve up to 20 to 25 bps when combined with the proper upgrades like a QEV. Players that are new to paintball will appreciate this because it means they can start with the marker straight away and gradually upgrade the gun as they improve their skill and confidence in the game.

            The hammer-free electro pneumatic design minimizes the kick you’ll feel after firing shots. This adds to its accuracy. The eNVy is popular for being among the more accurate paintball guns you can find for beginners. This will definitely give users an edge when playing against opponents using markers with less accuracy.

            Now, I know we all are scrambling for time, so I guess you DON’T wanna spend all day maintaining your marker. Right?


            This marker is one of the easiest to maintain. Caring for it is pretty straightforward and is made even easier with the Bolt Out Back design so users can take it apart quickly in minutes.

            The cleaning, oiling and reassembly steps are easy enough for anyone to understand. The Bolt Out Back (BOB) is highly applauded for its simplicity and quick access to the internal parts of the marker.

            With a few twists of an Allen wrench, the sleeve is released from the rear end of the gun. After taking off the bolt, just wipe it down and oil it and its ready and back for more firing fun.

            The manufacturer, GOG, has a list of recommended maintenance items you should buy along with the marker to keep it in optimum shape including: GR33SE lubricant, the screw kit and the seal kit.

            You can rest easy while using this marker as it comes with a complete 1 year warranty that’s part of the gun’s purchase price. For replacing specific parts, GOG has its full inventory of parts for sale and they have a stand by team trained to repair the eNVy quickly in the rare event of a malfunction.

            Value for Money

            gog envyA new eNVy paintball gun retails for about $199.95. Many users have confirmed they have used this marker to beat other players who were using much more expensive paintball guns.

            A lot of thought went into making this gun an economical choice for users. Rather than the normal choices with an electropneumatic gun, this model from GoG can function according to the player’s choice of either carbon dioxide (with an anti-siphon), Nitrogen or HPA. This allows new players the option of using carbon dioxide as HPA is more costly.

            If you’re not bothered by the extra cost and want maximum performance, we advise that you choose the HPA system instead.


            This marker has a tough and firm composite body, feedneck and frame. Basically, it aint gonna break while you are using it! It will last many years, and is solid and carefully built.

            Extras/Upgrades Included

            paintball helmetPlayers love the GOG eNVy for one important feature; its compatibility and potential for numerous upgrades. All of Smart Parts threaded barrels (like the Ion, Impulse and NXT Shocker) are compatible with this marker. Some other compatible barrels are the Tactical barrel, Inline barrel, The Freak and Freak Junior.

            Some other parts you can buy separately to use with it include the following upgrades and accessories: grip covers, dovetail adapter, a battery charger, quick grip panel poppers panel poppers, good quality rechargeable batteries the Firebolt xXTCy with ion bolt compatibility.


            • Economical, durable and reliable.
            • Depending on your skill, it can keep up against some markers 2 or 3 times more expensive.
            • Shoots smoothly with minimal recoil.
            • It doesn’t chop balls and is very quiet.


            • You always have to have top brand 9 volt batteries at hand while using this marker. It won’t run well on low-end or off brand batteries.

            In Conclusion

            The paintball gun that costs under $200. Players that are mindful of a budget should give this marker serious consideration. The eNVy is no push-over in the paintball market. It delivers in functionality, economy, durability and it’s highly reliable.

            The eNVy is built on a tried and true platform with interesting upgrade options. Get it if you are looking for a gun that’s affordable and efficient.

            Hope you enjoyed our GoG eNVy review. Happy huntin’ 😉

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