The Kingman Spyder MR100 Review

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Kingman Spyder MR100

Kingman Spyder MR100

Shooting Ability




      Value For Money




          Extras Available



            • Easy to customize
            • Lightweight
            • Great accuracy


            • Accessories aren't as durable

            If you’ve been looking up paintball guns to buy, chances are you have come across a mind boggling variety to consider. Honestly, the choices can be confusing. Our Kingman Spyder MR100 review deals with the many facets of this complex marker.

            The Spyder MR100 appeared on our radar and we found out that it can be described using some important factors that will affect your success in combat: maintainability, accuracy and reliability. This marker scores impressively on all these parameters and more.

            Beginners, intermediates and experienced paintballers alike use it for lots of difference scenarios. Designed and manufactured by the Kingman group, this marker is safe to use with its solid structure, durable build and well thought out features.

            The Kingman group began production of paintball guns and associated accessories in 1992. Production started with the Hammer pump action marker, thereafter, the revolutionary Spyder semi-automatic markers also came into the market.

            Kingman is generally considered among the top paintball manufacturers that have contributed to make MilSim games fun and popular by introducing affordable and very durable paintball guns to consumers. It’s also pretty. There’s a reason it features heavily on these best paintball photos.

            Their highly skilled team of engineers are credited with changing the face of paintball with improved paintball technology with innovations like the dual loading system and their First Strike option for advanced accuracy.

            If you’re seriously considering buying the MR100, these are all the details you’ll need to know about this splendid marker.

            Kingman Spyder MR100 Review

            Kingman Spyder MR100 Review – Features

            The body of the Spyder MR100 is made from aluminum which it explains its durability. It has a military look and style and comes with a two trigger system making it easy for players to shoot. They have included a vertical fore-grip for added stability and balance.

            The multiple piccatinny rails are distinct and allow for limitless customizations and quick/easy on-field removal for cleaning and maintenance on the go.

            The MR100 is a semi-automatic, .68 caliber, with a 12 inch barrel, steel braided air hose and runs on carbon dioxide (CO2) or compressed air. The stacked blowback design makes very efficient use of gas.

            The complete starter kit contains the gun, a mask with anti-fog lens, a 20 ounce CO2 tank with pink valve, a harness that can be adjusted to suit the player’s body type, 6 pieces of heavy duty paintball tubes, one squeegee for cleaning and 1oz. bottle of Gold Cup oil.

            The unit has a high impact polymer clamping feedneck.

            Easy to carry lightweight of 4.5lbs and it comes with a car shoulder strap for easy and secure transportation in a vehicle.

            Shooting Ability

            Kingman Spyder MR100Users will experience a relatively long trigger pull compared to other markers, but you can use just one finger to pull the trigger. Expect to set 8 balls per second rate.

            The in-built EKO Valve system allows for an efficient use of air source. So efficient, that players are generally able fire up to 1600 shots from the 20 oz. carbon dioxide tank.

            There is very minimal kick after firing shots so rapid firing will not wear you out.

            This model can also shoot at 280 to 300+ feet per second.


            Wipe it down after use and clean it. This should take less than a couple of minutes as you just have to unscrew one piece and the rest slides out. This is a breeze compared to many markers that require you remove every screw in the frame before getting a thorough clean.

            Apply gun oil to the piston frequently. Prevent the piston getting scratched by oiling it. This is important because otherwise, you may experience an O-ring failure leading to more problems.

            Another thing you may have to watch out for are balls breaking. This can become an expensive loss with time. Though this is not a common complaint, experience with this marker shows that cleaning out the barrel regularly will minimize ball breaking and shots coming out in a curve.

            Value for Money

            At $99.95, this gun is also very affordable. It’s marketed more towards beginners and people that just want to try paintball. There’s really no sense in buying a more expensive marker when you’re not yet experienced enough to handle or maintain it.

            Note that at that price, it comes with just the gun, tools, instructions manual, extra O-rings, and a barrel plug, the complete kit is not included.

            Another plus of the Spyder MR100 is that it lowers the entry cost to play while the EKO valve preserves the environment and still delivers a whopping average of 1600 shots per 20 oz. CO2 tank. Other standard markers will deliver 800 shots without this technology.


            The body of the MR100 is aluminum making it very durable. This is an advantage especially for beginners that are still trying to get the hang of things.

            The only recorded complaints so far has been about some of the accessories like the mask and harness which buyers claim fall apart quickly. You could opt for more expensive accessories to use with this marker.

            Extras/Upgrades Included

            The multiple piccatinny rail mounting system allows users to mount additional tactical accessories as desired. Some recommended upgrades include: a good gravity loader, a longer barrel, scopes, sights, tactical flashlights and so on.


            • The marker delivers very smooth shots, with minimal recoil.
            • Great for beginners, well made and accurate.
            • Easy to customize.
            • It’s lightweight but very powerful.
            • Very easy to use and maintain.
            • It is a very accurate gun.
            • The innovative EKO Valve system that shoots up to 1600 with a 20 ounce CO2 tank.
            • Durable aluminum body.
            • Can shoot at 280 to 300+ feet per second as confirmed by players.


            • Accessories of the set are not durable as the marker itself.
            • Users have complained that the choice of upgrades compatible with the MR100 are limited compared to other markers.

            In Conclusion

            paintballThis entry level marker comes high on our recommendations for beginners. The affordable price means you don’t have to spend large amounts of money on a top range paintball gun. This is especially handy if you are still unsure how long you’ll keep playing. This marker will take the beating while you’re in “training”. The easy maintenance will not frazzle you either. Just clean and oil at intervals.

            This gun comes with some of the best technology available in the paintball gun market today. You can use it for different kinds of woodsball and scenario play that involve firearms simulation.

            Get the complete set and you have the perfect military type paintball gun that will let you enter battle with confidence.

            Rest assured you can’t go wrong with it and you’ll really have your work cut out for you if you try looking for something better than the Spyder MR 100 in the same price range.

            Hope you enjoyed this Kingman Spyder MR100 Review. Happy Huntin’ 😉