The US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun Review

US Army Project Salvo

US Army Project Salvo

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            • Very Accurate
            • Feels Great
            • Easy to maintain


            • Not lightweight
            • Gravity fed hopper could be better

            Last updated: 2nd January 2018

            What better way could you imagine to win a military simulation game than to use a “weapon” actually designed for military training? Meet the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo paintball gun. Another model from the Tippmann stable, this paintball gun from design to functionality is made for MilSim fans, firearms training simulation and paintabllers in general.

            Its mass appeal is based on its extremely cool appearance, affordable price and accuracy in battle. Added to that, the US Army Salvo can deliver like other more expensive models, is easily upgraded to suit your battle needs and is made of durable, high quality material so you don’t have to worry about breaking it in combat. Beginners, intermediates and advanced players are all welcome to use it as the upgrades allow for upward modification at any time.

            It’s in the range of more affordable markers and is built off of the Tippmann 98 Custom prototype. Users will agree that Tippmann has put a lot of resources into upgrading the original 98’s design over the years and the US Army Project Salvo paintball gun is one of the results with its rock solid reliability and delivery.

            Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when you use this marker and what differentiates it from other markers in the market. Many of the US Army Project Salvo Reviews don’t go in-depth when discussing features – well we do.

            US army salvo paintball gun


            Users rave about the look of the US Army Project and we can see why. It looks very realistic and is similar in mold to the US Army AR15 firearm. The Salvo weighs 3.8lbs, the body is lightweight aluminum and easy to maintain. In the looks department, this marker beats most other customized markers you can find around.

            This marker is a .68 caliber built with the standard 11 inch anodized quick thread barrel, rails, shroud and stock. The firing mechanism is semi-auto open bolt blow back style system running on CO2, nitrogen or highly pressurized air.

            The front shroud holds 4 picatinny rails in addition to a built-in sling mount for quick attachment of accessories. These rails will allow you add almost any variety of accessories you want. For instance, it’s compatible with the US Army E-Grip, Cyclone Feed, 98 custom platinum series response trigger. The barrel length is 11 inches.

            The receiver is aluminum die cast, stainless steel gas line, and Tippmann’s trademark high quality in-line bolt system.

            The stock is collapsible to 6 different positions and can fold down to just 11 inches (measured from the breach) or stretch out to over 14 inches. When folded completely, the stock will project just one and half inches from the breach.

            The Project Salvo front and rear sights are detachable and adjustable for greater comfort. Make quick system adjustments with the adjustable rear sight. Easy to remove, clean and reinstall. The braided hose is stainless steel.

            The cycle rate is 8 paintballs per second with a shooting range of 150+ feet.

            Shooting Ability

            Dye proto rail maxxedCompared to its peers in this price range, the marker shoots relatively quietly. Some users may notice a slight left hand pull while firing shots but it’s negligible.

            The marker was originally designed for use in actual military simulations involving team tactics but will do very well for use by woodsball players too.

            The mechanical trigger gives you a steady flow of smooth shots without stressing you or using up a lot of energy. The firing mechanism is basically straightforward.

            Based on Tippmann claims, you can expect a firing range of over 150 feet. Some users have disputed this claim but remember that this is affected by factors on the field like prevailing weather conditions, the player’s skill level and the air pressure used.


            It’s a Tippmann anyway so maintenance is minimal as expected. You’ll be able to avail of the benefits of paintball exercise without the arduous cleaning afterwards.

            The disassemble/reassemble process is not as easy as others in the 98 Custom range so avoid taking it apart unless you’re very sure of your skills. But, apart from the usual wipe down and oiling at intervals, we don’t expect you to do any major servicing or repairs on the US Army Salvo that will require dissembling it in the first place.

            We advice you use high quality paintballs rather than the low to mid-end balls available at most local stores. This is to avoid impairing the performance of the firing mechanism. You may want to take note of that though it’s nothing to worry about.

            Value for Money

            paintballExpect to pay from $149 to $170 for this paintball gun.

            It remains a great choice at that price due to the many easy upgrades available. Like we mentioned before, no matter your skill level; beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’ll find this marker easy to handle and wield in combat. The aluminum body means it’s weather resistant and with just $149.00, you will be wining battles for many years using an enjoyable product.


            The body is all-aluminum die cast receiver meaning it’s extremely tough and durable. The braided gas line is heavy duty stainless steel making it durable as well and it’s finished in black matte.

            Extras/Upgrades Included

            Many players start with the e-Grip which is just one of many options available. For instance, you could add a $60 Cyclone hopper to replace the standard gravity fed hopper or make a choice from other electronic hoppers.

            Other choices include Alpha Black E-Grip (a type of fore grip), sights, tripods, bipods, different barrels and flashlights.

            It comes with a tool kit containing an Allen wrench set, approved barrel sleeve, a spare tank-o ring, lubricant and a cleaning cable.

            The U.S. Army Project comes with the 98 custom-style response trigger so it’s compatible with the 98 platinum series flat line barrel. Other Tippmann products can be easily used with it too.


            Very accurate shots and ready to use out of the box.

            Players are quickly won over by the marker’s feel. Even when loaded with paintballs to an intimidating weight of almost 8.5lbs, players don’t feel the weight as it’s so comfortable the way it rests against the body and shoulder when taking shots.

            The handle has a rubber grip for better comfort.

            Sturdy, adjustable stock.

            Adjustable velocity.

            It comes with barrel cleaner and suitable pneumatic oil.

            Beautiful, realistic design and style, very easy to handle.

            Easy to maintain.


            The marker is not lightweight especially when loaded with paintballs so smaller players may want to avoid it. You can opt to use a sling or remove some attachments. This will relieve the weight problem.

            Players have complained about this marker’s standard gravity fed hopper. Using a Cyclone hopper will give you better results.

            In Conclusion

            Tippmann continues to prove time and again that it’s the go-to source for high-performance paintball guns globally.

            The competition lags behind in this niche. The large variety of upgrades allows any beginner to learn on the field and improve as they play longer. Quality, availability, durability and a solid reputation means the Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo paintball marker, alongside others from this brand will give you, the player, peace of mind to keep plastering your opponents in rainbow colors and “killing it” on the battle field.

            This US Army Project Salvo Review was brought to you by one of our house writers, Roselyn.