The Tippmann 98 Review That You Need To Read

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum

Shooting Ability




      Value For Money




          Extras Available



            • Limitless customization
            • Incredibly durable
            • Anti-glare matte body with comfortable grip


            • Not lightweight
            • Longer than most markers

            Last updated: 2nd January 2018

            With this Tippmann 98 review, we go into huge detail on the paintball gun. Overall, we love it. Tippmann shows it’s the leader in the paintball market with no signs of letting up anytime soon. The Tippman 98 Custom series remains one of the most sought after paintball guns available. Many of the core features of the original 98 Custom remain while adding at least 8 new features guaranteed to keep you ahead in the game.

            It gets even better! Tippmann’s 98 Custom Platinum Series is easier and quicker to upgrade, modify and maintain.

            Owners rave about the durability, speed and accuracy of this marker. Users can literally go wild with their imagination due the options available to customize it.

            For players just starting paintball, you can buy the Platinum and use in its simple state and customize it as you become more confident in your skills. Experienced players are welcome too as this top quality machine will outlive many other brands for many years.

            Well, let’s not give too much away yet, here’s what you need to know about the awesome Tippmann 98 review that you need to read.



            Looking at the features of this gun, we can see why it’s so popular among paintballers. The upgrades are designed to allow you, the user, improve your performance and accuracy in the field.

            Starting with the look of the gun, you’ll notice it’s not the mainstream, traditional design of other paintball guns out there. It’s quite long with a front grip created to set apart from the air hose.

            This gives it a really unique design. The marker also offers varieties of upgrades allowing you to easily modify it to whatever kind of style you prefer. Even as a beginner, enjoy the best of MilSim action since you can make the gun more sophisticated as you advance in paintball.

            The Custom Platinum is a .68 caliber. It’s a user friendly semi-auto (open bolt blow back) gun powered by CO2 or N2, with aluminium receiver and the famous Tippmann in-line bolt system. It weighs in at about 2.9 pounds with a total length of 19.625 inches without the tank.

            The barrel length is 8.5 inches and the vertical front grip has an added texture for improved stability and user comfort. The body and barrel also have the same matte finish that reduces reflective glare.

            The magazine capacity is 150 plus and you can expect a little over 500 shots per fill. Cycle rate is 11RPS and the effective shot range is 150feet.

            The split receiver construction allows users quick access to the internal compartments of the gun so you can easily install accessories or upgrades.

            Further Features List

            Piccatinny rails allow for accessories like scopes and handles.

            • No-stress removable power tube with self-sealing and locking gas line for easier cleaning.
            • The Platinum has full depth ASA pockets so you won’t need to loosen the bolts when disassembling the paint gun.
            • The well secured front sight spring and trigger pins allow easy servicing and recoupling.
            • A redesigned sling mount end cap for attaching different sling styles.
            • Anti-Chop Technology – ACT (Anti Chop Technology) prevents paint ball chopping.
            • Easy to upgrade.

            Shooting Ability

            paintballEnter battle with confidence as the shooting prowess of the Tippmann 98 Custom will not fail you. It fires extremely accurate shots.

            The manufacturers obviously put some thought into this as we observed the trigger is just the perfect size for user accuracy. The shots are as good as any high end rated tournament paintball marker.

            Throughout this entire Tippmann 98 review, this was where we were most impressed.

            You have a choice between CO2 or compressed air and the marker will discharge about 8 shots-per-second. Superior firing ability for any paintball player.


            Believe it when we say there’s not much to do here since you’ll rarely need to open it for any maintenance/servicing. It handles well and rarely needs any internal fiddling unless you want to oil up your gun.

            Just a quick wipe down (or hose down as the case may be), and some drops of paintball gun oil down the ASA could keep your Platinum going forever.

            In the remote chance you really have to take it apart, it’s easy to reassemble and service thanks to the secured trigger pins and front sight spring.

            Value for Money

            This marker shoots just as well as any high-rated tournament paintball marker at a fraction of the price. You can get it for a budget friendly price of between $129.95 and $149.95.

            The Tippmann 98’s reliability, backed with great customer service and very affordable price make this a great gun for beginners, intermediates or expert gamers. It will take any and all abuse and weather conditions and still work the next day.

            This gun is ideal for those who want to win without shelling out so much cash to do that.


            paintballIf you rent paintball guns frequently you’ll notice the Tippmann 98 Custom is a favorite for renting out on the field.

            This is due to its knack and reputation for being rough handled in some extreme environments and still coming back in one piece.

            The 2-year warranty shows the confidence Tippmann has in this product to withstand all the crawling, rolling, jumping and impact involved in paintball.

            Literally just get on with the battle without worrying about the marker. If you can take the heat, so can the Platinum.

            Go to some online paintball forums and you will be amazed at some of the stories from users of this marker. Throwing it on the ground, into water or how about mistakenly driving a vehicle over it! Nothing seems to faze this gun and Tippmann has once again done a really good job with this marker.

            Extras/Upgrades Included

            The marker comes with a squeegee, user manual, barrel sock/cover and a small parts bag but you can gradually build up your own kit to be fancier depending on your taste and budget.

            The upgrade feature is one of the unique selling points of the 98 Platinum. They are readily available, easy to perform and the upgrade options are endless. You’ll also find limitless ideas online to help you turn this machine into a monster on the field.

            Some of the upgrades available are; custom stocks, cyclone feed system, electronic grips, high-end barrels and a very handy response trigger.

            It is designed to remove un-used air from the breech so you won’t need to take your finger off the trigger to fire continuous shots.


            Extremely durable, functional and reliable paintball gun.

            Limitless options to customize it.

            Low to zero maintenance required.

            Anti-glare matte body with comfortable grip.


            It’s not a light weight.

            It’s long compared to other markers.

            In Conclusion

            The Tippmann 98 Custom is a fantastic marker and with good upgrades, speed and durability; the manufacturer put a lot of time and resources into this production and it shows. But don’t take our word for it, just go on and get yourself one. Hope you enjoyed our comprehensive Tippmann 98 Review. Keep huntin’ 😉