Tippmann Cronus Review | One Of The Most Versatile?


Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus

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            • Lightweight
            • Portable
            • 2 year guarantee
            • 30 day money back


            • The stock barrel will need to be upgraded

            Anyone who has ever played paintball would agree to the fact that it’s fun. I mean of course it’s fun. It allows players to use the same moves and tactics of military combat without the resultant fatalities.

            Though it’s a game, paintballers are usually a competitive bunch. Nobody wants to lose and one piece of equipment guaranteed to make or mar your performance is the paintball gun you use. One of our absolute favourites of these is the Tippmann Cronus.

            The Cronus is an entry-level marker from Tippmann but it remains the paintball gun of choice among intermediate and beginner paintballers. This product is marketed more towards beginners with no previous experience or other mechanical skills. It’s ideal for them since the gun is easy to handle due to the following:

            • lightweight build
            • accurate aim
            • minimal maintenance required
            • affordable price and durability

            This is one marker where you really can’t go wrong. Tippmann has maintained its reputation for weather-proof, rugged markers. They’re specifically made to handle the tough outdoors without missing a shot. It comes with numerous features that will make your paintball experience fun, and keep you firing in different weather conditions.

            Let’s look at why we think it’s so great and also show you all you need to know about it.

            Tippmann Cronus

            Tippmann Cronus Review – Features

            Tippmann CronusFrom the first glance, the Cronus deviates from the typical, common black markers available in the market with its unique, two-tone tan/black or green/black color combination.

            Some Facts:

            • .68 caliber with Co2 and HPA air capability
            • It comes with a mechanical trigger
            • 9 inch stock barrel length
            • Gravity feed
            • Open bolt blow back
            • Total weight is approximately 3.7 pounds.

            Straight from the package, the marker is fitted with an A5 threaded ported barrel. This feature is one of the most common threads available in the industry and allows for a large variety of aftermarket barrel options.

            Included in the package is a mock suppressor with a front iron sight that can be easily removed to allow the user clean the barrel.

            The receiver of the Cronus comes with picatinny rails at the top, bottom, and sides, so you can attach accessories like grips, optics, flashlights and so on. It also has an optional collapsible stock.

            Other smaller accessories that point to the professionalism of Tippmann include a small replacement piece to fill the gap left on the mock suppressor when the sight is removed and an end cap for players that choose not to use the collapsible stock.

            All these options make this marker very customizable depending on the imagination of the user and best of all, the gun can be upgraded to a complete tactical marker at a little extra cost.

            Shooting Quality

            paintballObviously, the gun would be useless without good shooting ability and our experience with this gun exceeds the standard for a beginner’s gun. We found that the Cronus shoots well with little recoil.

            The gun operates in a semi-automatic firing mode and can accurately hit targets at distances of up to 150 feet. The semi-automatic feature allows you to fire up to eight balls per second. The construction also makes it easier to get clear shots due to the comfortable molded rubber grips and lightweight build. Overall, it’s balanced in the player’s hand and will not cause unnecessary distractions allowing for good shots: this is priceless especially when playing in rain or other wet conditions.


            It will take a very determined person to break or damage this marker: yes it’s that rugged.

            The exterior will withstand practically any punishment thrown at it and beginners will have no trouble opening it quickly and cleaning it at intervals. Basically, the Cronus can be cleaned and maintained much like any 98 based marker.


            Depending on the options you want, you can get the Cronus from $99.95 upwards and at that price calling it a bargain is an understatement. The internal makeup is derived from the design of the Tippmann 98 Custom like the Sierra One and Bravo One etc., legendary for their ability to keep firing under the most extreme conditions. Just like the Tippmann 98s, you can expect to use it for up to ten years. With all these qualities we don’t expect this marker to lose its place at the top of the market anytime soon due to its solid build, affordable price, numerous customizations and functionality.


            The Cronus has one advantage/improvement over the 98 Custom derivatives and that is the ergonomics of its construction.

            Players are immediately impressed at how comfortable it is to hold and use it. This is a product built for the outdoors no doubt and the contoured rubber grip allows for a firm hold even its wet with paint or rain. It’s also slim and lightweight enough that younger players can comfortably wield it with their smaller hands. The added benefit of the adjustable stock and grip options makes it comfortable for players of all sizes.

            The Cronus retains Tippmann’s highly rated in-line bolt system. It also has an internal gas line, installed to boost comfort and improve portability of the gun during tense combat situations.

            Our Tippmann Cronus Review would not be complete without giving you details of its pros and cons:


            It’s reasonably priced. Though we’ve touched on this before, we still want to emphasize that it’s quite a bargain to get this quality of paintball gun from a big brand name for under $100. It will not require any complicated after purchase care to keep it in premium condition.


            It’s an extremely rugged product. It comes with a 30-day money back and 2 year guarantee. This is a great deal and means no worries about losing your money.


            When was the last time you bought an item for “beginners” but you found yourself struggling to use it? Many manufacturers make this mistake. Tippmann knows that beginners are actually beginners and they have designed a product that can be handled easily.

            Intact Paintballs

            Paint balls getting chopped or broken while firing is a major cause of frustration to paintballers. Tippmann has done its best to identify the causes of this problem and keep it to the barest minimum.

            Its lightweight and portable.

            Fast shooting, easy to operate and maintain.

            The picatinny rails allow you to quickly add sights and other accessories.


            The stock barrel will need to be upgraded to improve the gun’s firing accuracy.


            Tippmann CronusAs you can see from our Tippmann Cronus Review, it’s a gun well worth sending your money on. Still doubtful? Well, consider the fact that this gun is hard to beat in the market for beginners’ paintball guns. It easily retains its position as the best paintball gun for players new to the paintball game.

            The Cronus is especially ideal for players that like to move around during combat rather than stay in one position waiting for targets. Moving around makes the game more fun: Tippmann know this and that’s why their engineers have designed it to be so lightweight even with so many features so players with less stamina don’t tire out quickly.

            This product will allow you to learn quickly as you gradually improve your skills in paintball. The option to later upgrade the gun is also a win for users especially when you want to start playing against more experienced competitors.

            This is a truly awesome paintball gun and players will greatly enjoy its stylish look and many features and options. Buyers are usually surprised at the quality it offers at its affordable, low entry-level price tag. This is a testament to the fact that just because an item is more expensive does not necessarily make it perform better than cheaper alternatives.

            There are also lots of reviews on the Tippmann Cronus on Youtube.