Tippmann Cronus Tactical Review 2018


Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Tippmann Cronus Tactical

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            • Very high performance
            • gases are readily available and cost-effective
            • Pinpoint accuracy


            • Barrel a tiny bit too short

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            Last updated: 2nd January 2018

            Are you a beginner or intermediate paintballer looking to better target your opponents in the field?

            I’m going to try to explain why the Tippmann Cronus Tactical is something that will really benefit any marksman’s inventory.

            The gun is reliable (which believe me, is a bloody rare trait with paintball markers) and easy to use for beginners or intermediate players. Tippmann released the Cronus in the year 2013, and comes in both a basic version and a tactical version.

            The basic version comprises of the marker and a simple barrel while the tactical resembles an M-16 in appearance. We’re gonna be taking the tactical model out for a spin in this review, because it’s a bit better than the basic version.

            It looks delicious.

            Tippmann Cronus Tactical

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            Features (The Nerd Stuff)

            Firstly, this is an enjoyably short and concise breakdown:

            paintballFeatures of the tactical version include a barrel shroud, forward grip, and an adjustable stock, together with a removable carry handle.

            The removable carry handle resembles the one found in the Alpha Black Elite. Tippmann Cronus Tactical combines both durability and high performance, making it one of the absolute the most accessible and dependable paintball guns on the market today.

            The marker is built with an ultra-reliable in-line bolt system that is featured inside a high-impact amalgam body with rubber grips. The molded rubber grips make the Cronus Tactical comfortable to hold.

            It’s also SUPER light in weight, enabling both young players and those who cannot endure heavy objects to carry it easy as pie. An internal gas line to boost its comfort and to make its movement comfortable during tense moments features here also.

            • The internal Gas Line

            Gas is maintained at the required level by the internal gas line. It also keeps the gas pressure high to make sure that the weapon functions effectively.

            The internal gas liner makes the machine modifiable to suit the needs of the user. The air capability of the gas line is carbon dioxide and HPA.

            • The in-bolt design

            The in-bolt design of the Tippman Cronus Tactical is extremely reliable. The system is designed to contain few parts to minimize the chances of one bad part breaking the whole system – IMAGINE HOW ANNOYING THAT WOULD BE!!!

            It makes it more reliable than any other gun available in the market. The in-bolt design will give the paintball player the best experience in the field.

            • The four Picatinny rails

            Four Picatinny rails ensure the marker’s performance is efficient. The rails can be used to attach some accessories to give the use a more customized feeling and shooting experience.

            • The high impact compost body

            Another great thing that it is kitted out with is a high impact compost body, making it durable and easy to use. This high impact feature of the Tippmann Cronus Tactical seems to be one of the biggest selling points for most paintball admirers.

            • Other features

            Other noticeable features in the Tippmann Cronus Tactical include the mechanical trigger, a nine’ stock barrel length, a gravity feed, and a black exterior cover that makes it VERY appealing to the eye.

            Shooting Quality/Maintenance/Ergonomics

            The reason as to why the Cronus is the preferred choice for lots of players is because it shoots well. VERY well. HELL YEAH!

            The gun is comfortable to hold during shooting, and it has little recoil putting players at ease. Simply put, it just feels well-balanced in the hands of the player.

            The stock is attached running remote and also when it is removed, and a tank is also available. The fingers and palms of the player stick to the molded rubber grips to increase stability – this was a particularly nice feature.

            Other modifiable features that enhance the performance of the gun include the mock silencer, the carry handle, together with the adjustable stock.


            The user-friendly features of the gun include the molded finger grips which are designed to make it comfortable to hold.

            The plastic and rubber components of the Tippman Cronus Tactical trim its weight making it easy to carry and move around.

            It is easy to run around with the gun, and the player will not even realize that they are running with a mechanical marker.

            However, an addition of more accessories, the weight of the gun may slightly increase.


            tippmann cronus tacticalMaintenance of the Tippman Cronus Tactical is pretty easy. Less effort is required to keep the gun in good shape than most.

            Some of the tips to keep the gun running include keeping it away from pack mud and water. One may have to take it apart to scoop out the dirt and wipe the water for proper functioning. Not fun you guys. Not fun.

            It is also advisable not to disassemble the gun more than it is necessary. One may encounter a problem of losing the bolts or assembling it back again incorrectly.

            When servicing, only use oils that are only made for paintball markers. Other oils may end up damaging the Cronus’ O-rings.

            When applying the oil to coat the seals, only sufficient oil should be used. Significant amounts of oil may accumulate as dirt and lower the Cronus performance.

            It is of paramount importance to wipe the outside of the gun after a play session. When the paint is left on the marker, it may not come out quickly when it is cleaned later. The barrel should also be removed and cleaned using a squeegee.

            Water can also be used to clean the barrel. When paint builds up inside the barrel, the accuracy might be tempered with. It is also important to replace the battery if it is battery-powered.

            Tippmann Cronus Tactical or Basic Version?

            This guy really says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_zyEpWCOEw

            Tippmann Cronus Tactical Review – Pros

            1. High performance

            The features of the Cronus enhance its performance regarding shooting. The high impact composed body makes the marker function more effectively. The efficiency of the gun is increased by the design features such as the High-performance ported barrel.

            1. Durability

            The marker’s body is extremely durable because it is built from aluminum metal. The aluminum body is also easy to clean and maintain ensuring the gun is in good shape always. The parts of the gun are removable and its components are readily available making it more useful.

            1. The three most important modes

            They include the adjustable stock, the mock silencer, the adjustable carry handle.

            The carry handle enables the player to easily carry the marker around. The mock silencer prevents it from producing sound during shooting to avoid revealing the player’s position. The adjustable stock is used to adjust the position to any preferred position by the player making the gun easy to handle.

            1. Carbon dioxide and the compressed air

            The gases are readily available and cost-effective.It’s relatively easy to buy the gases at paintball fields, sporting goods stores, or even at some gas stations.


            Some paintball players claim that the barrel is a little shorter, however, the overall feel and comfort of the Tippmann Cronus Tactical is perfect.


            Overall, this bad boy is the ideal paintball gun for many different players. It’s designed to be easy and comfortable to use, it’s light in weight (you’ll be light in weight too, as paintball in general is incredibly healthy), and it does not chop paintballs.

            The fact that it does not chop increases the accuracy of the marker overall. Chopping paintballs may force a player to disassemble the machine and clean it to have a good accuracy.

            The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is the perfect choice for scenario games. The game is all about intimidating other players, and the Cronus serves that purpose well. Finally, it also has nice and appealing looks to the eyes of the player. Basically, it’s damn pretty.

            It’s not an expensive gun. You can buy this at a very affordable price. That’s a big reason why beginners and intermediate marksmen/women love it.

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            And there you have it, our Tippmann Cronus Tactical Review! Happy huntin’