Tippmann X7 Phenom Review | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Tippmann X7 Phenom

Tippmann X7 Phenom

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            • Great battery
            • No recoil
            • Incredibly quiet


            • heavier and bulkier than other markers


            The Tippmann X7 Phenom paintball gun scores many firsts on a number of fronts. It’s the first electro-pneumatic paintball marker that comes with a bundle of highly coveted upscale marker features in a functional combination of improved air efficiency (due to its FlexValve Technology), exceptional accuracy, manual or electronic mode firing, and the choice of CO2 or compressed air usage.

            This new entrant is built from the existing X7 model and though the Tippmann X7 is almost 3 inches shorter than the X7, it will accept over 20 X7 mods and upgrades. Especially the much liked Flatline Barrel.

            The Phenom is a complete package for tournament enthusiast. The rare combo of tournament marker-level performance, flexibility of a mechanical marker added to the reputation and durability of the Tippmann name easily makes this a marker others will aspire to. The thousands of options to customize the look of this marker means its owners will only be limited by their imagination.

            Tippmann X

            Review of the Tippmann X7 Phenom – Features

            The body is made of very lightweight, compact aluminum. It looks more professional and military than its peers in the market due to the unique internal gas line and absence of cocking handle. A very low profile and well offset hopper gives the shooter the advantage of a clear line of sight.

            Its .68 Caliber action using an open bolt blow forward spool valve system with an effective firing range of over 150 feet.

            The FlexValve technology lets it operate below 300 PSI for optimal air efficiency and reduces recoil. Users confirm getting up to 1,400 shots from a 4500 PSI tank with ease.

            The internal regulator allows players to adjust the pressure and velocity. It’s simple enough to get the hang of when you need to fine tune the velocity to the play at hand. Good enough, there’s also a diagram showing you how to increase or decrease the velocity so you can use this information right in battle or at any time you want.

            There’s a pushpin construction for quick and easy field stripping, a quick release magazine and in-built storage space for tools.

            The X7 Phenom has what is called a searless design. It uses less wear parts than most other markers allowing for easier maintenance.

            Military-styled marker. It can be customized to over a 1,000 different looks including M-16, AK-47, UMP and Assault versions

            The weight is a little under 4lbs, with a length of 19.75 inches and a 9.5 inch stone honed barrel.

            All metal trigger for enhanced stability.

            Tippmann X7 Phenom Three position selector switch with third position having five firing modes.

            Magnetically activated Hall-Effect Electronic Trigger. There are 5 firing modes including: Safety Full-Auto, NPPL, PSP, Response and Semi-Auto.

            Three position Selector Switch allows you change from electronic to mechanical operation on the move.

            Redesigned cyclone feed feature feeds about 20 balls-per-second without batteries.

            Compatible with air thru stocks.

            Removable front and rear sights.

            Modular fore grip with two rails to add sights and scopes.

            Includes maintenance pack, barrel blocking device, and marker lubricant.

            Shooting Ability

            Tippmann X7 PhenomThe Tippmann X7 is built with a Spool Valve design to almost completely eliminate recoil. Firing is a smooth and quiet experience as you’ll hardly notice any kickback, giving you more accurate shots. So far, there are hardly any complaints out there about its firing accuracy.

            The hopper will hold up to 200 balls. The new and improved cyclone feed system has paddles that create a feed rate of 20 BPS, a firing rate of 20 BPS and an effective range of 150 feet. The gun will fire paint balls every time you press the trigger without fail and without using any batteries.

            The trigger is extremely smooth, with a very light pull and it’s all metal for improved stability.

            The grip is firm and easy to hold and provides a stable foundation for the expected minimal recoil. Shots are fired with no noticeable wobble and thankfully there’s no rattling of any kind when the gun moves or bumps into objects.

            There’s a coil around the air line that connects to the cyclone for extra protection.

            Tippmann really stepped up their game with this marker as it scores among the highest points in the industry for being a well-built, solid gun that shoots even better than most other Tippmann markers.


            The X7 Phenom’s design incorporates fewer wear parts so it’s easier to maintain. Since it comes with its own lubricant, barrel blocking device and a general maintenance pack to address most other basic procedures you’ll need to keep it in top shape.

            The absence of an external air hose makes it easier to clean. To clean it, just pull out the thumb screws, remove the butt plate and the retaining pin and the valve assembly will slide out the back with the bolt and spring. Also take care to keep the cyclone clear and free of particles.

            Apply grease at intervals along the ratchet and oil the piston too.

            Value for Money

            Expect to pay $399 for a brand new Tippmann X7. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but if you’re really serious about paintball, especially winning tournaments, a time will come when you’ll need to start considering using this class of markers.

            It’s versatile with superior dexterity and delivers when you need it without fail.


            Tippmann normally issues a 2 year marker warranty on its models and the Phenom is no exception. The aluminum body, sturdy build and secure cyclone guarantees that you’ll be using this marker for years to come.

            In addition to the general aluminum body, the plastic parts like the grip and fore-grip are made of extra-tough plastic and can really take a good beating. Some people claim to have run their Phenoms over with their trucks and still use it without any problems but we don’t intend testing that anytime soon.

            Extras/Upgrade Included

            Tippmann X7 PhenomThe marker is compatible with over 20 X7 modifications and upgrades, the most sought-after being the Flatline Barrel. The style options run into the thousands so feel free to try out as many as you want.

            The Piccatinny upper rail is paired with another rail to allow addition of new handles, sights and scopes. Just take off the front and rear sights whenever you wish to. Due to the weight, some players may choose to upgrade with a remote line.

            The fact that you can upgrade the standard mechanical version to an electric version also puts this marker in a class of its own. Just buy an X7 Phenom e-grip to replace the mechanical grip and you’re good to go.

            Other accessories and upgrades available include the Dominator Barrel, Low Profile Hopper, the Pathfinder 14” Barrel, the Freedom Fighter Barrel and a 16” Straightline etc.

            Note that the marker is already slightly heavy on its own so you may want to be cautious while adding on more accessories.


            • The spool valve design eliminates recoil so you worry less about aim adjustment between shots.
            • The Tippmann X-7 Phenom marker is lighter, shorter, with a longer barrel than its forerunner, the X-7 marker.
            • It operates below 300psi so it’s incredibly quiet and accurate even with a stock barrel.
            • Impressive accuracy right out of the box.
            • You won’t need to worry about the battery dying on you out on the field.


            • A few complaints that the Tippmann X7 is heavier and bulkier than other markers.

            In Conclusion

            Our final thoughts are that the Tippmann X7 Phenom is absolutely worthy of your consideration.

            This is a versatile paint ball marker that delivers on all fronts, you name it; power, speed, looks, compatibility, durability, ease of use and so on.

            The woodsball paintball player looking for that marker that’s easy to handle and lug around and also fire on the run without missing one shot will be delighted with this find. You can upgrade it as you wish and use it till you’re begging it to fall apart, but it won’t.

            If you’re looking for a reliable, durable, easy to clean paintball marker this has got to be it. You won’t be disappointed.